Canadian Aviation Safety Consultants

Canadian Aviation Safety Consultants

Strengthen your flight safety profile


Combined 200 years in aviation

Over 75,000 hours

Over 50 types of aircraft


Protect your Passengers, Flight Crews,
Equipment, and Management

Our highly skilled team of very experienced pilots, executives, managers, and accident investigators offers unique and dynamic briefings on aspects of aviation safety often neglected in even the most advanced training programs. Topics covered include those cited as primary contributing factors in avoidable accidents.

CAVSCO team members have a combined total of over 200 years experience in many different fields of aviation. Their total flying hours exceeds 75,000 on more than 50 different aircraft types, ranging from single engine, propeller driven trainers to supersonic, jet fighters and 4 engine “heavy” modern passenger aircraft.

Aircrew find our presentations to be very useful and fascinating in that emphasis  is placed on the psychological and physiological aspects of aviation safety. Topics such as attitude, crew cooperation, alertness, anticipation and situational awareness are discussed seminar style.  Inadequately understood topics such as spatial disorientation and the successful handling of severe adverse weather conditions are covered in detail.  It will be shown that safe flying goes well beyond intricate knowledge of systems and adept handling of controls. More importantly, it stems directly from the Board Room and that all executives have responsibilities in the safe conduct of commercial operations.

Delivered at a location of your choice, these briefings will prove to be an extremely sound investment in safety of flight and the bottom line.